Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Kim is away for the week so I'm in-charge of the blog while she is gone. I feel like Kevin from Home Alone.
A little while back kim wrote a sneaky post about me. So in her absence I am going to write 5 things I miss/like about her.


1- Kim talks and thrashes about in her sleep. Since we have been married I probably have had 5-8 nights un-awoken by either clapping, roaring, singing, mumbling and the odd elbow to the face. However this is one thing that last night I missed. The comfort of knowing she is next to me, even if it is telling me to pat the puppy dog.

2- Kim insist that we kiss before bed every night until we die. Track record 426 days out of 431 days (minus 5 nights apart when we have been working).

3- If you have seen photos of or know kim, you know how HUGE her smile is. In grade 2 she was awarded most infectious grin from her teacher, this is probably her greatest achievement in primary school. Every day I try and make her laugh or smile just to see it.

4- I do all of the cooking at home, but kim tries really hard to get into the kitchen, when she does, she bakes, and boy is her apple crumble good. It's her signature dish and it's amazing.

5- Kim challenges me to better not only my life, our marriage but the whole world around us. It doesn't matter if I'm going out to the letter box to check the mail, going to work in the morning or cooking her dinner, she always makes me feel like I can conquer the world. She is such a strong supporter and encourager and for this I'll always love her.

The list could go on, but I'll just tell her the rest of the list when she gets back.


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