Wednesday, March 30, 2011

23 things i love about morgan

So I just stumbled upon Carmen's blog Life Blessons, and some how read her post she wrote about the 23 things she loves about her husband for his 23rd birthday. Well seeing today is my husbands 23rd birthday i felt compelled to do the same. so here goes...

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1. I love his generous nature which challenges me daily.

2. I love the way when I get upset at things or even at him he just tries to make a joke so I laugh instead of cry.

3. I love that he lets me make a mess of the house with me creativeness, even though he feels more comfortable in tidy environments.

4. I love that he is a sweet talker with old ladies and they love him.. I know when we are old he is going to be mine, and all the other ladies in town will be jealous.

5. I love his passion for people and the work he does with young people.

6. I love his talent with food (and so does my belly) and they way he can create amazing meals

7. I love his tattoos and things they all represent.

8. I love his humour and that he always quotes the might boosh

9. I love his friends and the epic people he surrounds himself with.

10. I love the way he dances.

11. I love that he has a crazy past and an epic future.

12. I love that he is a really hard worker and will do anything to get the job done.

13. I love his creativity and passion for art. He is such a talented drawer and his embroideries, poetry and music are so beautiful.

14. I love that he loves to travel and experience other cultures and lifestyles.

15. I love that he gets me, and understands my passions and gripes.

16. I love his moustache.. who doesn't?

17. I love that he encourages me to pursue my dreams. He is the best encourager ever.

18. I love that he wants to live healthy, and together we can try and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

19. I love his faith in jesus and the way he lives out his faith.

20. I love the way he fits in with my family and they love him too.

21. I love that he lets me hold his hand while we sleep.

22. I love the way he pursues me and shows me his love.

23. I love that he chose me to be his wifey... awwwoooga!

that is all.

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