Friday, July 8, 2011

right round, baby, right round

So for the last 2 years we have become vinyl addicts. When I say we, I mean me. Kims sister gave us a beautiful Radiola record player cabinet which she bought of an old couple that bought it new in 1960, it even had a spare needle that they bought with it. In January the old girl stopped working. We paid the same amount to have it looked at to get fixed then what kims sister paid for it. The diagnosis came back, and it was going to be way too expensive to fix. This begun the journey for a new player.


I bought this one at a good price on eBay. Its a beautiful old Crown portable record player. This one doesn't work to it's full potential but lets consider it my new 'project'. In the mean time we had accumulated almost 15 new vinyls since our first player passed away.


After working a big day on a public holiday (double the pay) I sporadically bought my first brand new record player. This little beauty plugs into our computer and our cd player. It's sounds pretty decent with it's inbuilt speakers, but through our sound system it has brought our vinyl experience to a whole new level.


This begs the question, vintage or new? Vintage looks and sounds great, but parts and repairs are really hard to get. New sounds great and hopefully is easier to fix. I think I would still choose vintage, our cabinet lasted 50-60 years, as far as we know this was it's first time in a repair shop. So who cares if we only got to love it for a year and a half, they were some of the best years of my life.


And for those interest here are a few records we love at the moment.

- fleet foxes>helplessness blues
- death cab for cutie>codes and keys
- rosie thomas>all the way from michigan not mars
- stornoway>beachcombers windowsill
- black keys>rubber factory
- edith piaf>a portrait of piaf
- louis armstrong>hello dolly
- bon iver>bon iver

what do you think/do vintage or new?


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