Friday, July 15, 2011

noir et blanc

Like it or not, black and white photos, no matter how cliche it can be, look beautiful. I have never really experimented with black and white film. After finally getting a roll developed I was very surprised with the outcome. There was an automatic vintage feel, but one of my photo mentors taught me all film has a temperature, meaning black and white film can hold colours such as green, yellow, red and even purple. Seeing this come through was beautiful. I took my pentax with me to Laneway festival in brisbane a while back where we saw beach house, stornoway, warpaint, jenny lewis, local natives, two door cinema club and heaps more. I am excited about trying to master b&w shots in the future. Here are but a few shots.


Also a couple of people have asked where I get my film developed...
Firstly for standard 35mm developing I send away to ExtraFilm, these guys are cheap and have a high standard.
Secondly when it comes to getting lomo shots or anything done by hand I send away to Photo Continental, these guys cost a bit more but do amazing work and developing anything you send.

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