Sunday, July 10, 2011


I am back from a big week in Sydney and it is delightful to be home.

It is always nice to get away to a city and see many different things that you can't see in the area where we are currently living. I love the fashion and style of people in cities, and variety of cultures and foods you can find. I spent most of my time last week eating in china town, and looking at super cute japanese stores. This was lots of fun, but was a challenge for me to stay strong and avoid buying lots of things I don't really need.

See, as an attempt to live a sustainable lifestyle, I have pretty strict personal requirements on any purchases I make. This was really hard to stick to while I was in Sydney. I saw so many people wearing really cool things, and had a bit of free time, which was easily spent strolling around the shops. I found so many things I wanted, and believed would make my life better if I brought them (I'm a sucker for good merchandising), but alas I really knew they would not. They were all cheap imported items, which would not last, and were most likely made in bad conditions. I do not want to support that but buying these items.

So I thought I would share a three of my simple requirements I have for whenever I want to buy something...

1. Always try and find it second hand first! This is always my first point of call, to reuse something already created. Whether from op shops, a clothing swap, ebay, or if I can source it from friends.

2. Is it ethically made? Buying fair trade/sweatshop free products is well worth the added costs. There is nothing better than knowing the people who made your things didn't risk their life doing so.

3. Is it build to last? Buying things new isn't bad, as long as it is going to last the distance. Quality made items, constructed with care are so worthwhile to invest in. I buy many of my shoes brand new, but try to select ones that are going to be worth while.

I would love to know any other things you like to keep in mind when your making your purchases. What helps you make the decision on what you buy?

ps. how amazing was morgans post while I was away. He sure is quality.

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