Saturday, October 22, 2011

jacaranda season

In the mountain top town we live in, every spring these old jacaranda trees bloom with bright purple flowers. This saturday morning kim and I decided to go out hunting for some of our favourites. The bright colour that peeps over houses and other green trees is so beautiful. It was so lovely to go searching for them and see how old some of them were. The way that the small purple flowers carpet the ground is magical, whilst driving around with the windows down, one flower even fell on kims lap. These are one of our favourite flowers and we are going to miss them alot when we leave this town.


ps. so sorry we have not been writing/updating the blog alot lately, we have been packing and sorting through all our possessions. deciding what to keep, sell and throw out. In a couple of weeks we will selling alot of gear at markets and garage sales. Very exciting times ahead. hope you have a great weekend.


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