Monday, December 24, 2012


Well let me tell you a tale, as its Christmas Eve. Kim and I have been keeping a big secret for a while and now that everyone knows we can blog about it. We have decided to move back to Australia! What originally set out to be a holiday back home for Christmas has changed into a new beginning. Whilst looking at rental prices we found an amazing old unit in Brisbane that an old friend used to have, it's such a beauty that it was too hard not to apply for it. And once we got approved for it we decided we needed a car. After a lot of research and encouragement from other bloggers who have bought the same car we decided to buy the most expensive car we ever had, a Prius. We are so excited to save fuel on the hybrid vehicle and do our bit to save the environment. This is about as much of what we know the future holds for us, we will be looking for work in the big city and getting settled in. We are so excited to be home and had a lot of fun surprising friends and family the past few days. HUGS ALL ROUND. Where the blog is going to go from now.... Who knows, but sit tight. To all who have taken a moment to read this, Merry Christmas, please stay safe and we pray you find joy, peace and love this Christmas.



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