Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: a review


Last year was a massive year for us, and it has been so so fun to be able to share it with you all here on the blog. Here are a few facts and figures about how we spent 2012.

362 = days spent outside of Australia
46 = number of beds slept in around the world
6 (Kim) & 8 (Morgan)= weeks of paid work
7 1/2 = months in France
15 1/2 = Countries visited (we never slept in Italy but went twice)
USA, Iceland, France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Scotland, Norway, England, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey.
16 = cities/villages we stayed in France
9500 = km's driven in our Renault 4L around France
12 = number of airplane flights
6 = number of long haul bus trips (2-12 hours)
10 = number of long haul train trips (2-10 hours)
100 = Kg of baggage on arrival back in Australia
15,000 = estimate amount of AU$ we spent while away

We never would have of guessed what 2012 would have been like. Had we have known what was in store, maybe we would not have done it all, but we have absolutely no regrets. We have made so many new friends this year and had so many incredible encounters. As we look back, we are often overwhelmed at how amazing life can be. We are so pumped for 2013 and have even more unknown expectations as to what will come in the year ahead, but what ever it is, it is sure to be great.
-morgan and kim

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