Monday, April 18, 2011

Indians vs Cowboys

cowboys vs indians
This past friday night Kim's sister had a cowboys and indians party for her birthday. I took care of the food and music.

Claire made some amazing 'scenery' and really set the scene using nothing but cardboard and sharpies

I made a blue cheese dressing and served licorice bullets (get it, bullets)

I made buffalo wings

I served corn chips in a hat with guacamole, we had steamed corn on the cob and served samosas (get it, indian)

IMG_0935 kim suggested I make mini hamburgers, she also made sheriff star cookies.
With alot of Johnny Cash, Nickel Creek, R.L Burnside, She and Him and Avett Brothers the night was amazing. Good food, good music, good company.

cowboys and indians
cowboys and indians
cowboys and indians


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