Tuesday, May 17, 2011

blogs we love.

We thought it was well over due for us to share the blog love and let you know about a couple of our favourite blogs at the moment, so here goes...

Kim is lovin...
Picture 4
Pugly Pixel
Is there anything she can't do? Katrina creates amazing tutorials and web graphics which a really cool and inspire me to play with html and css more and more. She makes you feel like you can do it too, and thats so lovely to help feel a little more confident with nerdy things.

Picture 9
Natalie Creates
This blog is probably the only one i've been following for more than two years. Natalie shares great honest stories from her life, exploring gardening, simple joy and living sustainably. She takes lovely photos too...

Picture 3
This is a new find but this blog shares two photos a week from two photographers who have a theme each month. The photos a simple yet so so beautiful.

Morgan is lovin...
Picture 5
The blue hour
I love to check in to this blog to be inspired by simple and beautiful photography or fresh cuisine ideas.

Picture 10
La Blogotheque
I have been a keen follower of la blogoteque for a while now, if you like music, then this is a must see site of live recordings

Picture 13
Todays Letters
I don't really regularly follow any blogs, but this is one I check every couple of days. We love them heaps.

We would love to know some of your blog loves.. What are you hooked on at the moment? What is inspiring you? or what are your long time loves? Please share...

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