Saturday, June 18, 2011

24 things before i'm 25

HeidiSo yesterday was my 24th birthday.. woo hoo. haha. So in the good old blogging fashion, here are my 24 things to do before my 25th Birthday.

1. Although I am already in the process of this, I want to try and help make 50 dresses to send to Haiti. - DONE
2. I want to go surfing and actually stand up.
3. I want to be confident in speaking french.
4. I want to cook something new each week.
5. I want see the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
6. I want to make a snow man, snow angels and go tobogganing. - DONE
7. ... and to make this possible, I want to see snow. - DONE
8. I want to make more clothes for morgan.
9. I want to get another tattoo.
10. I want to grow my hair. - DONE but didn't photograph
11. I want make a home movie.
12. I want to cross off a few more of the wandering travellers experiences with morgan
13. I want to ride a horse.
14. I want to have more guest posts on our blog. (contact us if you wanna do one..) - DONE
15. I want to get a hair cut in Iceland. - DONE
16. I want to try live more sustainably
17. I want to read more books.
18. I want to get a job that uses my degree and makes a difference.
19. I want to live like a french girl - DONE
21. I want to experience life having a grandma
22. I want to be better at showing morgan how much i love him
23. I want to paint more with water colours
24. I want to be thankful every morning for all the amazing things in my life....

lets see if I can do it..

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