Monday, September 5, 2011

dresses in haiti

A few months ago I, along with a mighty team of others, started sowing pillowcase dresses to send to Haiti. Our friend Dani was going to be heading over with a team to help out at an orphanage and do a ton of other things to help out and make it more sustainable.

Well, Dani has now been to Haiti and came back last week. She just sent me a ton of cute pictures of the kids with their dresses. I just want to give a big THANKYOU all the ladies that helped out. What started as a little idea of mine to try and collect a few, turned into something much bigger. We had some lovely ladies from my Church, the Sunshine Coast Brown Owls team, and friends everywhere were making little dresses to send away. In the end we collected 101 dresses which went to the kids at the orphanage Dani was helping at, and other kids in the community. How great is that!


photo credit: dani harriott

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